Madi Palpa

Palpa Madi The White Lake

Photo By: Dhirendra Pd. Nepal
Photo Clicked On:  October 09, 2013, 6:46 AM in the morning
Camera:  Nikon D3200
Lens:  20 mm
Exposure: Manual 1/4 Sec, f 4.5, ISO 100

Palpa Madi is well know as the “White lake” of Nepal. During winter season the morning fog covers the entire madi Valley thus giving it an illusion of the “White Lake”. To reach Madi we have to pass through “Banstari” which is the junction between Tansen and Butwal. From “Banstari” we can reach Madi which is 8 KM away from Siddhartha Highway.

Palpa district lies in the Lumbini zone of Nepal and Tansen is the headquarter of Palpa district. Tansen is around 119 km south of Pokhara city. Palpa is the conglomeration of natural beauties, culture, history and its mild weather (neither too cold nor too hot).

There is also a hotel named “Hotel The White Lake” in Tansen, which offers a very beautiful view of the Madi Valley from its rooftop garden.

Location Map:

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