How to play candy crush with unlimited life

How to play Candy Crush With Unlimited Life without the need to wait even if your candy crush life is finished.
Most of you must have been frustrated by not being able to complete candy crush levels due to limited candy crush life. Waiting for the next life to come up or requesting your friends for a life is miserable. Here is a cheat/hack for the candy crush life which can generate 5 lives repeatedly without the need to wait anymore.

STEP 1: When you have no more lives left you will see the screen like this in the candy crush app.

candy crush life step 1

Step 2: Without wasting your time go to Settings -> General -> Date and Time and tap Set Date & Time option as shown below:

candy crush life step 2

Step 3: Now change the date and time to one month later of current date. Suppose if today's date is July 10, 2013 then set the date to August 10, 2013.

candy crush life step 3

Step 4: Once you are done with the date change, open Candy Crush App and you will see that that the "Time to Next Life:" screen (i.e. that was shown in Step 1) is now gone and you will see the screen like this:

candy crush life step 4

Step 5: Now close this window/screen by tapping the cross icon on the right top section and you will see that 5 lives are added (See upper left section) as shown below:

candy crush life step 5

Step 6: Wait do not start playing now. Before you play, don't forget to reset the date to today's date in the Date & Time Settings. Once you set the date and time to current date you can play candy crush for 5 times. If you are out of lives again then repeat the above steps again and there you are the immortal.

This trick eliminates the waiting time for the next candy crush life which is not reset when you change the hour/minute. The trick here is to change the month.

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