Whats the Difference Spot it Hack Cheat

Whats The Difference HackWhat's the difference is a puzzle game where you have to find 5 difference between two images. This What's the Difference game hack can spot the 5 differences in two images in few seconds. All you have to do is take an snapshot of the Whats the difference game level in the horizontal view and upload it below. You also have to select the appropriate device iPhone, iPad, or Android in order to display the differences.
[Now supports iPhone 6, 6s, 7 in horizontal/landscape mode only]

See Snapshot example: Click here
Select appropriate device

How to use this Spot the Difference Hack/Cheat

Step 1: Take the snapshot of the What's the difference level where you are stuck in horizontal/landscape view of your device.
Step 2: Close the Game (Minimize it), so that the game timer would stop and you have time to use this hack/cheat.
Step 3: Open this What's the Difference Hack/Cheat page and upload the snapshot of the game as it is without cropping or resizing it from your Photo Gallery.
Step 4: Choose the appropriate device (iPhone, iPad or Android) and then click the button "Spot the difference Instantly".
Step 5: This page will then generate the differences in between two images and you can switch back to your game to spot it correctly.

This Answer generator for the "Whats the Difference" has been created by Sirish Shrestha. If you like it, share it. If you don't, just give us your feedback.

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