Boudhanath Stupa

Boudhanath Stupa Kathmandu

Photo clicked on: 2012

Boudhanath stupa is the biggest and one of the oldest stupa in Nepal located at Boudha in the eastern outskirts of capital city (Around 11km from the central Kathmandu). Boudhanath stupa was built in the 14th century and it has been renovated many times in the past. The present stupa is believed to be renovated in the 17th century.

This Buddhist Pilgrimage is included in World heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979 A.D. Along with Swayambhunath it is one of the most popular tourist attraction in kathmandu city.

Also known as:
Khasti in Nepal Bhasa
Jyarung Khasyor in Tamang Language

Boudhanath has a diameter of about 100m and a height of 40m. Lhosar – the tibetan new year festival is the most popular festival celebrated at Boudhanath during February/March.

Location Map:

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